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Our History

Since 1996 G.C., Nasir Abdu Abalebu has been a privately owned provider and exporter of green Ethiopian arabica coffee. Nasir Abdu, the company’s founder and CEO, was raised in a region that was among the top producers of coffee in the country and where coffee was deeply ingrained in the culture. He was attracted with coffee and had a strong connection to the plantation that surrounding him from an early age.

His father, Mr. Abdu, who was himself a coffee bean planter and shared with his son the indigenous knowledge he had amassed through his years of experience in coffee cultivation, was able to sense this instinctive curiosity through the never-ending inquiries he directed at him. As he grew older, Nasir made the decision to combine this information with a scientific method. He read numerous coffee-related books and magazines. His initial coffee business was the delivery of premium coffee to the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), which he did from his own washed and dried coffee processing plants in Jimma. Combining these skills with his natural entrepreneurial spirit.

He quickly became aware of the increasing difficulties at each chain as an expert in the coffee processing industry. Sensing the change in the coffee industry, they quickly adjusted, directing and involving the coffee export business and plantations with the goal of building a globally competitive coffee export enterprise.

Our Vision

“To become a society based Ethiopian leading commodity company”

Our Values

Our Mission

At Nasir Abdu coffee export, our mission reads as
“To provide the best Green coffee through Promoting development and entrepreneurship”.

We believe that we are successful only when our Customers and Suppliers are satisfied and successful. We will realize this mission by setting the highest standards in products, services, maintaining and ensuring our reliability and our integrity in the industry.

We strive to fully utilize our knowledge, creativity and collaboration to build relationships that will create sustainable growth for our company, and for our partners, in the ever changing global marketplace. In this regard, our company is persistently planning to work in an existing reality and environment and still thinking bigger things.

  • Perceiving customer needs at utmost level by providing them flexibility, competitive prices, ontime deliveries.
  • Continually building our skills and knowledge to meet the growing and diverse needs of customers.
  • Achieving profitable growth combined with operational and organizational excellence without compromising from our values and business ethics.
  • To provide a reliable market and fair prices for commodities.
  • To process our commodities in order to meet international standards.

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Nasir Abdu Coffee Exporter

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